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Act One - The best Broadway memoir. Ever. I’m not the only one who says it. I read “Act One” on buses and subways and got smiles and big thumbs up. I read “Act One” in

Fun Home - A few days before the Tony nominations were announced, my wife had the good sense to buy tickets for “Fun Home.” Smart wife. "Fun Home" got a dozen nominations. And

Henri Matisse, The Chapel at Vence, and “The Color of Light” - I didn’t set out to write a play. But one night as I was following some random thread on the Web, I happened upon a mention of the Chapelle

Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up - If you ever need to speak in public, this book is gold. But there's a second, newer audience for this book. Since January 20 I've been hearing one line over

Skylight - If Head Butler had a book group, we’d all be reading “Skylight” this month. Well, there can’t be a book club --- that would require message boards, and message boards invariably