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“Zero Dark Thirty” - UPDATE: After writing this, I saw ZERO DARK THIRTY. (I didn't pay. The studio sent me a DVD.) The torture scenes are, I think, deliberately ambiguous. Not

A Face in the Crowd - Almost everyone in America has heard the tape of Donald Trump bragging about one great privilege of star status: You can sexually assault any woman you want. And, once again,

A Late Quartet - The title is a double entendre. The music that anchors the film is Beethoven's String Quartet No. 14, opus 131. Half an hour long, played straight through, it is a bold,

A Poet on the Frontline: The Reportage of Ryszard Kapuscinski - Over 40 years, he covered 27 revolutions and coups, mostly in Africa.   He was sentenced to death four times.   John Le Carre: “He is the conjuror extraordinary of modern reportage.”   Gabriel García Márquez:

Academy Awards 2014: They shoot movies, don’t they? - Oscar Week. It’s like the week before the Super Bowl --- we’re all supposed to care. I’m a bad citizen, I guess, because I’m having trouble with that. My problem?

After Paris: a reading/viewing list - Think back, please, to the weeks immediately following 9/11. In New York, they were quiet, contemplative, even profound. Eager to understand why it happened, many of us read Ahmed

After the Wedding - The first time I saw "After the Wedding," I didn't see all of it --- like just about everyone else in that theater, for the entire last half

Alexander Nevsky - The greatest score in all of film --- so good that it inspired John Williams' shark theme in “Jaws” and James Horner's music for “Star Trek II:

Alfred Hitchcock: Foreign Correspondent - Once there were reporters. Now there is "the media." The difference? Reporters talk tough but are secretly idealists. They're underpaid. They do the work because, to them, it's a calling --- like

Amadeus -     February 27, 2006: Mozart's 250th birthday. He's looking good for someone his

An Inconvenient Truth - A few years ago, Naomi Oreskes got tired of the Bush administration's insistence that "most" scientists disagree with the notion of global warming. Dr. Oreskes is a

Arlington Road - "Domestic terrorism." You've been encouraged to think that means Muslim jihadists, disaffected immigrants, close the borders, bomb ISIS. The facts: since 9/11, foreigners have been responsible for 26 deaths by

Bad Day at Black Rock - So there I was, an unworldly teenager incarcerated at a prep school in the mid-50s, surrounded by a cluster of sophisticated, condescending, rich teenagers, wise in many subtle ways, as only

Bang the Drum Slowly - I’m a sucker for author questionnaires, and Shelf Awareness --- a daily newsletter for the bookstore crowd --- has a great one. Your five favorite books. The book that changed

Battle of Algiers - Almost every war movie stacks the deck. Enemy soldiers wear dark clothes, are unshaven, speak in accents and die in large numbers at the end. Heroes are

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset - Guest Butler Marc Cutillo is a graphic designer for Design 446 in Manasquan, New Jersey. Videos Before Sunrise Before Sunset I've come to praise one of the greatest love stories ever told. Back in 1996,

Between the Folds - One piece of paper. Folded. No cuts. Yes, origami.   On a rainy day when you were a kid, you made a bird. Now? Please. You have put away childish things.   Fine. But I want you

Billy Connolly -       My distress with the theater has reached the point where I skip

Bleak House - On Sunday nights a few winters ago, we drugged the child and turned our attention to our television. With good reason. We had read that the BBC had made a

Blizzard of ’16: Binge on Movies & Series - THE AMAZON LINK: There are now two ways to get to Amazon and support this site. The old: Click on the “Buy it from Amazon” link on any review and