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21st Century Breakdown - Consumer Warning: This is not a site that deals with politics; I struggle with that sometimes, but I generally manage to take no positions or even refer to current events,

A Date with John Waters - Those who have heeded my advice and added A John Waters Christmas to their holiday music collection need read no further. The maestro has followed

A John Waters Christmas - Do you know John Waters? Of course you do --- he's the film director from Baltimore. The one with the sinister moustache. The one who makes those

Adele - “Television,” a wise man said, “is not to watch, it’s to appear on.”  My sentiments, exactly. I sit in front of a screen all day. At night, why would I want

Aftermath - The "world's greatest rock band" has been a parody of itself for so long that even those of us who were around when they earned the title have trouble explaining the

Al Kooper: Blood, Sweat & Tears - You don’t have to be old to take this quiz. An acquaintance with Classic Rock will suffice. Here’s the question: Which is your least favorite band of the 1970s --- Chicago,

Alabama Shakes - I think it all the time: Where is the successor to Otis Redding? Janis Joplin? Mavis Staples? Why can’t any young band --- and I do mean any band that’s

Alabama Shakes (Take 2) - You’d like to know which of the new hot books you should read, or if the top-grossing new movie is worth it, or what the cool kids are listening to? Sorry.

All the Roadrunning - Talent is the ante. Many have it. What you do with it is what matters. Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler are blue-collar workers. They take their immense

American Idiot -   American Idiot Green Day Work out? Have an iPod? Like that inspired "Rocky" feeling when the right music kicks in and you pick up

Arcade Fire - At the end of a Carnegie Hall tribute to Bruce Springsteen, the Boss strolled onstage. He started to sing “Rosalita.” It's a long song and the

Asaf Avidan - The music of Asaf Avidan caused the child to make the rare visit to my office that was not about money. As ever, her assessment was blunt: “She is awful.” This is

Astral Weeks - In l968, I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just down the block from Van Morrison. Whenever we passed one another on the street, I would nod. Morrison would just stare. Or glare. "Unpleasant,"

Astral Weeks (Take Two) -     I was at a conference.

Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl - All decisions trail strands of complications, but my decision to start had a simple fact at its core --- even those who professed to love the music

At Last - Our 7.75-year-old has learned how to download from iTunes. She’s willing to spend her tiny allowance on music, which means that, every week, two new samples of Disneyrock enter our

Back to Bedlam -   Back to Bedlam James Blunt James Blunt recently

Back to Bedlam (Take Two) -   Back to Bedlam (Take Two) James

Basia Bulat - Head Butler hit an inflection point a while back with publishers and press agents, and now I am under siege. The books pile up, the CDs form a tower. It’s

Blake Mills - Blake Mills recorded “Break Mirrors," his debut CD, in a friend’s studio in 2009, when he was 22. He released it --- in the summer of 2010 --- on a tiny