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“Maybe You Touched Your Genitals” Liquid Hand Soap - So there we were in Las Vegas, waiting for a Cirque de Soleil show. What do you do in a casino when you don’t gamble and you’re with a gang of

Anthelios Sunscreen with Mexoryl - Here's news you can use --- there's going to be a big rise in skin cancer. If you've been reading media that goes deeper than the daily Trump outrage, you

Bamboo Stacking Bowls - Because the readers of HeadButler.com are apparently considered to be an elite audience --- educated, successful, rich --- and because I apparently program this site for people who can read

Bobble Water Bottles - The heat index on our vacation destination --- an island three miles long, a half-mile wide --- topped out at 107 degrees. We had a house overlooking the Atlantic, and

Cambodian Market Bags - “Paper or plastic?” There will come a time when that question will be as archaic as “Shall we take the flivver or the carriage?” And for a simple reason: Plastic is killing

ChicWrap Plastic Wrap Dispenser - READER COMMENT: Has Jesse never been to Costco? [Jesse: Yes.] Even at Amazon you can buy 3,000 square feet of the Kirkland plastic wrap in a cardboard version of the

Dead Fred, Splat Stan, Dead Mark, Hanging Harry - Amazon, you'll be amused to hear, categorizes these products under Home Improvement. Let me commend the Dead Fred Pen Holder. But don’t overlook the Splat Stan Coaster. And for book lovers, the Dead

Diptyque candles - I went to an old-fashioned East Side dinner party recently --- first course, turn to your left; second course, turn to your right; in the morning, write a note to

Egyptian Magic - READER REVIEW: My belongings arrived from desert storage, and my favorite piece of furniture, an old overstuffed wine red leather chair and ottoman, really looked dry and about to expire.

End-Grain Chopping Block - Why would you buy a wooden cutting board too heavy to lug to the sink for cleaning when you could, for much less, get a plastic board you can easily

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker - READER REVIEW: 'I never meant to use K-Cups. I knew they were awful, but I got hooked on the convenience. Then along came my beloved Head Butler with the solution.

iKlear: Apple’s cleaning solution for iPhones, iPads, iMacs - When I worked at AOL, the insider wisdom was: Don’t be an early adopter. We love them, but early adopters are guinea pigs. Stay one version behind. Not that

Jack LaLanne’s Stainless-Steel Power Juicer - I read a New York Times article about Khalil Rafati, founder of SunLife Organics in Malibu. The guy impressed me --- a former drug dealer who deliberately overdosed on heroin

Jamie Oliver: The Cake Tin & more - I fell in love with Jamie Oliver, and it started with a 6.5” by 11.5” cake tin. We were invited to a party. My wife, a master baker, volunteered to bring a

Juniper Ridge Wild Goods -   Juniper Ridge Western Wild Goods Every few summers, it seems important for the Butlers  to head out to Wyoming --- no, not Jackson Hole --- for a week at a dude

Kneipp Bath Oils - “Who takes a bath these days?” Molly Young asked recently in The New York Times Magazine. “Raise the subject with friends or family, and you’ll hear the standard objection: ‘Why

NEST Scented Reed Diffusers - I wrote glowingly about Diptyque candles, and you would have thought I was endorsing Trump for President and pushing Palin for Veep. “Diptyque costs $62,” one of you wrote. “Have you

New Yorker 2012 Desk Diary - It snowed. In October. The leaves hadn’t even started to turn. But there it was. Snow. With a giant tree toppled across our street as an exclamation point. Snow flips a

Probiotics - What organ would you least like to read or think about? I haven’t taken a survey, but I don’t think I’m taking a wild guess when I say it’s your …. ….

PUR 2-stage Water Filter/Dispenser - You really can't drink the water. In December of 2009, The New York Times dropped a water bomb on Americans: Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy. "The 35-year-old federal