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Mane ‘n Tail

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Jan 17, 2017
Category: Beauty/Vanity

On my birthday, my almost 15-year-old daughter gave me a coffee mug that said WORLD’S BEST GRANDPA. Which is totally like her. It isn’t at all like me. I may be far along on the back nine, but I don’t look it — I have all my hair.

Lucky genes? I agree. But I must give a shout out to Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo, which is what I’ve used since I moved out of my studio apartment, burned my bell bottoms and abandoned my bottle of Herbal Essence.

Why Mane ‘n Tail? Because if it works to make horses – whose hair is five times as thick as ours — look better at shows, it has qualities I can endorse. It strengthens hair. Makes it look thicker. Reduces curl and frizz.

Mane ‘n Tale was intended to be a hair treatment for horses. But it’s like Egyptian Magic — as readers have been telling me, a product that does wonders for the skin is equally terrific on old leather and dried-out wood furniture. Which is why I learned about Mane ‘n Tail from a model who was also an equestrian.

Here’s a balanced analysis and explanation of Mane ‘n Tail:

What to get? I’d start with the basics.

To buy Mane ‘n Tail Original Shampoo & Conditioner,16 oz each, from Amazon for $10.60, click here.To buy the shampoo & conditioner, 32 oz each, for $18 — a modest saving — click here.

There is a new version, untried by me. To buy Mane ‘n Tail Herbal Gro Shampoo & Conditioner Olive Oil Complex, 12 oz each, for $11.55, click here. For the larger size, 27 oz each, at $24, click here.

CONSUMER GUIDANCE: You may encounter outrageous claims for Mane ‘n Tail. That it will grow hair faster. That it will make bald spots disappear. Maybe. But doubtful. If my 30 years as a user of the shampoo and conditioner are a guide, it has these selling points:
1) It makes your hair look clean and thick.
2) It can be used safely on all hair types and for chemically treated hair.
3) You can use it on your dog.
4) It lasts forever and could not possibly be cheaper.

The best endorsement ever? Not from users like one of the Kardashians or Jennifer Aniston, but from “Gary the Centaur,” on Amazon:

It is very difficult to find hair products that suit my needs as half horse, half human. And we face much market discrimination due to our unique physical and social situation.I am pleased to say that Mane ‘n Tail has satisfied all of my bi-species needs. After a long day of galloping through dusty mountain trails or salty beaches, my hair can be left dry and abrasive. When I return to the city, I have to impress my human dates with something other than my huge bank account. Mane ‘n Tail takes my coarse horse hair and transforms it into something luxurious.