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Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Sep 13, 2011
Category: Gifts and Gadgets

My wife’s iMac died a while back.

We didn’t mourn — that cream-and-steel desktop had a long and useful life, and its death was quick and painless — but neither did we replace it.
Instead, my endlessly frugal wife pulled the MacBook out of its travel case and set it up on her desk.
And all was well….until she clicked on to her music library and pressed PLAY.
iMac speakers are serviceable. The speakers on a four-year-old laptop are not. Tinny, thin, with no bass to speak of — really, silence is better.
But better still is the Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker.

Size: two hockey pucks.
Weight: one pound.
Power: Three AAA batteries.
Sound quality: shocking. Okay, so it’s only one speaker, thus no stereo. But this bad boy packs some power — it delivers quality sound with clarity. And pumps out surprising volume.
Price: $18.88. (To buy this speaker from Amazon, click here.)
Luxury option: Buy two and a connecting wire. Make your very own stereo hookup.
Test drive: We plugged it into the child’s iTouch. It did not distort the terrible music she likes these days. And we plugged it into an iPod. Again, the Altec was all muscle.
Satisfaction: Considerable. That is, no one is saying, “I really need a new computer.” Which makes this speaker an astonishing bargain.