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Mental Clarity

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Jul 28, 2016
Category: Health

Mental Clarity (Reader Review): A friend known for his strong opinions started taking Mental Clarity once a day. He reported back: “A number of situations have occurred — both work and play — that would have had me up the wall, but I’ve just shrugged my way through them. After one incident, I noted how unstressed (de-stressed) my reaction was. So there’s a rousing testimonial.

Mental Clarity (Reader Review #2): “I ordered Mental Clarity when I was felled by flu and feeling sure that I’d never be able to do my nonprofit’s annual fundraising appeal nor in fact ever write anything useful ever again. There seemed to be a Black Dog factor in the brain fog, along with the sneezing & coughing. Lo, what to write came clear and the Black Dog disappeared. If the appeal goes well, I’ll have to credit your finding Mental Clarity.”

Mental Clarity (Reader Review #3): “The effect is subtle but I feel notably more alert. Somehow I just articulate and think more fluently.”

I’m reluctant to be writing about anything you put in your mouth that isn’t food. Herbal supplements aren’t regulated, and high standards depend on the conscience of the people who own those companies. If you’re the sort of person who buys these supplements and doesn’t read up on the possible side effects, you could damage your health. Or lose a baby.

Banyan is a company with considerable integrity. And I have read about the side effects of Brahmi and of Ashwaghandha, two of the more potent ingredients used in Mental Clarity. So I bought a bottle and, on the advice of my friend and guide Pamela Miles, began taking 4 pills a day. [To buy “Mental Clarity” from Amazon, click here.]

So how  am I doing?

I’ve been unusually calm. I’m dealing with situations with less of the hysteria and desperation that used to afflict me when I didn’t get my way. And the main thing: The idea factory is working overtime.

I credit Brahmi, which is said to “improve capacity for attention and focus, improve the ability to withstand emotional stress, reduce nervousness and anxiety and improve immune system function.” And I credit Ashwaghandha, which is said to improve memory andprotect the brain against brain cell deterioration.” In short, I’m casting a vote for Ayurvedic medicine.

Let me urge you, before you buy anything not prescribed by a doctor, to read about the potential side effects. Consider who recommended these pills — it is possible that these they are placebos and I’m a semi-depressive who’s riding the manic curve. And think about other things you might do that get blood pumping through your head and ideas surging in your brain. For example: exercise.

If you do buy Mental Clarity, monitor any changes in your attitude and behavior. Are you buying more notebooks? Scribbling deep into the night? If so, good for you. Just remember: if any of these new ideas turn into money, you owe me some.