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Bonjour Paris Special Subscription

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Jan 01, 2004
Category: Beyond Classification

Readers of Head Butler are natural travelers, even if they never go anywhere — for what is a book, a movie or music but a trip?

Butler is, as you may have guessed by now, a sucker for all things French. If he could, he’d be in Paris right now, sitting at a cafe, reading a favorite book, thinking of his next meal.

Alas, Butler’s fantasy is just that right now — a strong Euro and a weak dollar make a trip to France a fond hope for…say…Spring.

Happily, Butler has a way of going to France every week — without leaving his computer.

He has a Premium Membership to Bonjour Paris , the best — and the most venerable; it’s been around since 1995 — English-language site about France. And with his Premium Membership, he gets special information that makes him feel he’s really in-the-know about his favorite city.

A Premium Membership is $34.95 a year — but Butler readers may subscribe for the bargain price of $19.95.

A Premium Membership to Bonjour Paris gives you: 

* 52 issues of a special ad-free newsletter, written for Premium Members ONLY.

* In-depth hotel and apartment reviews, with regular special offers

* Discounts of up to 50% on hand-picked French product

* Access to 100% of the site, including more than 5,000 articles

* Consumer Reporting (where to go on the Net for the best rental agencies, etc.

* A comprehensive search engine only for paying members

* Message Board extras, including better discussion capabilities

* Blog upgrades, including picture uploading and unlimited bandwidth

* Ability to print articles

* Chances to win in Premium Member-only contests (win a free week’s rental in Paris, BP logo t-shirts, etc)

* Game upgrades

* Extended tech support

* Ability to post for free in our Classifieds Section

* And coming soon: a  Travel Suitcase! Store your favorite articles in your online suitcase for easy access later.

To order a year’s subscription at $19.95, CLICK HERE