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Diptyque candles

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Apr 14, 2016
Category: Home

I went to an old-fashioned East Side dinner party recently — first course, turn to your left; second course, turn to your right; in the morning, write a note to the hostess on heavy paper — and had a major revelation.

It may sound small — it was about candles — but candles were the least of it.

It was about money. And value.

So there I was, entering, being greeted in the foyer as a Diptyque candle burned. And then, as if a drug had kicked in, I was in Paris, wives ago, before the Reagan riches began. My wife’s job was being rich, my job was writing; we could go anywhere for weeks at a time. So, of course, Paris. The franc/dollar exchange was so ridiculous in our favor that a visit to the Diptyque shop on Boulevard Saint Germain was like going to McDonald’s — you could shop without thinking hard about it, the way we now hit One-Click on Amazon and not think we’re spending actual money.

A Diptyque candle, in America, now costs actual money: $62.

That seems like a lot. So of late I’ve been buying candles at Target: $7.

That is the very definition of “false economy.”

The Diptyque candle is the better buy. [To buy Diptyque candles from Amazon, click here.]

It’s the better buy because it lasts much longer than most other candles — between 50-60 hours. Because once it fills a room with scent, you can blow it out and the room will continue to be gently perfumed for hours. Because when it’s burned out, you’ve got a vase for short-stemmed flowers.

Janis Joplin said, “What you settle for is who you are.” Her implicit point: Don’t settle.

Diptyque candles are just… better. For me, the best. And not just the candle itself. Just as important is the way the candle reminds you that you deserve to be surrounded by beauty.

Baies used to be my go-to candle. [To buy a Baies candle, click here.] I’m also fond of lavender. [To buy a candle, click here.] There are many others. Click around. Diptyque also makes a room spray. [For the room spray, click here. For the Baies-scented room spray, click here.]

Last week I bought a Diptyque candle. I hesitated at the buy link. Later, I’ll get the message: Beauty has its own economy.