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Filson Duffle Bags

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Apr 21, 2016
Category: Travel

A friend invited me to a Yankees game. “I know it’s warm today, but it will be 20 degrees cooler at the Stadium tonight.” She’s had season tickets for 20 years, so although it was 75 degrees when I left my apartment, I took a sweater. By the second inning, I needed it. By the fifth inning I was wishing for a hoodie.

My friend had a quilted vest. She had no complaints. Who made that vest? Filson. Of course.

We exchanged Filson stories. I mentioned the briefcase/computer case. Yes, it was “expensive” ($265), but it really wasn’t— Filson products last a lifetime. And if they break, Filson replaces them. Spread the price over 20 years, and anything from Filson is a bargain.

But Filson duffle bags? I had no idea. My friend swore by them. And as the game was a pitcher’s duel — not much to watch — she took out her phone and gave me a tour.

The tour began with duffles that our snootier friends buy. Like the Louis Vuitton Bandoulière. Pretty, especially as it’s being carried off a private jet. But it sells for $1,760. Want it with wheels? $3,550.

How about the T Anthony Classic Duffle? A comparative bargain at $395. T Anthony actually has sales. You can buy a black leather duffle that used to cost $875 for $525 (with wheels: $695)

Orvis? Its “classic” is T Anthony without the exclusivity. The Orvis duffle is $398.

Amazon offers an Oversized Canvas Leather Trim Travel Weekend Bag. Though clearly not Filson quality. Marked down from $102 to $65.

At last we got to Filson. The Tin Cloth is virtually bulletproof. Certainly waterproof. Rustproof brass zipper and storm flap closure. Two inner pockets. Rugged handles and shoulder strap.

The Filson 48 hour duffle (18” x 14” x 6”) costs $365 to $395, depending on color.

The Filson 25″ Duffle Bag (13” x 25” x 14”) costs $345.

The Filson large duffle (13” x 30” x 14”) costs $358.

The Filson small duffle (18″ x 10″x 11″) costs $120.

The Filson medium duffle (12.5” x 25” x 12.5”) isn’t made of the heavy canvas you think of when you picture a Filson product. It’s 18 oz vinyl coated polyester. Waterproof. But polyester. And “only” $160.

Reader comments:

“The airlines can’t hurt this bag! Wish I had purchased it years ago, it will be the last bag I will ever buy.”

“I feel blessed to have this.”

The Yankees lost. In extra innings. Weak hitting. But more: fielding glitches. If only Filson made baseball gloves.