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Good Vibrations: ‘Eva’ and ‘Fin’

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Aug 02, 2017
Category: Products

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Well, this is awkward.

I’ve written about writing about sex — I wrote a novel called Married Sex — but that was fiction. And what seemed cutting-edge when I wrote it now seems staid; episode two of any streaming series has much wilder action than anything I described.

In real life, writing about the sexual enhancers made by Dame Products makes me blush. It shouldn’t. Just as I believe women should earn the same salary as men, I endorse equal pleasure in bed. But that’s an easy endorsement for a man, like signing a petition that calls for world peace or an end to hunger.

It’s deeds, not empty words that matter here. And wouldn’t you know it, it was two women who addressed the question: What if the pleasure gap could be solved? Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine raised almost $900,000, conducted focus groups, created prototypes, and gave 100 beta testers their hands-free devices. Since 2015, they’ve acquired 65,000 customers. A few weeks ago, they were profiled in the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times headlined A Wearable Vibrator for Couples, which is how I came to know about them.

They make two products, and by the shoddy standards of what is known as the sex toy industry, they are revolutionary. They use medical-grade silicone. Their tiny batteries power devices that have three speeds, hold a charge, and are quickly refreshed.

Here’s a pre-launch video that addresses the process of developing these products:

One product is called Eva, and is strictly for women. It’s egg-shaped, and “attaches to a woman’s nether region by means of two wings.” That allows the device to be used hands-free, and it gives women a choice: solitary pleasure or, in a low-profile way, with a partner. “We wanted to stimulate women with something nonobtrusive so you can look in your partner’s eyes,” says Ms. Fine. Eva comes in colors and costs $105.

Fin is more traditional. It has a ring that slides over a finger. Again, a woman can use this on her own. Or her partner can do the honors. Fin also comes in colors. It costs $74.95.

The return policy is sane. The website is helpful. To buy Eva or Fin from Dame Products, click here.

Here is a video of customer testimonials.

It is the practice of this site not to sell products I don’t use. Eva and Fin are the exception. I don’t say that to be coy; they have not, in fact, been field-tested in my house. But I did ask some female friends to audition Dame products. These women have a healthy interest in pleasure; interestingly, all four chose Eva. One responded with a single word: “Wow.” One, a lesbian, said she would be ordering one for her lover. One said she would not be sharing this level of pleasure with her partner, as she’s thinking of leaving him. One quit her job and ended her marriage and moved to Rome to paint — no, I’m kidding about that.

I believe these responses give new meaning to the tired phrase “customer satisfaction.”