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L’Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse Eau de Parfum

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Jun 13, 2016
Category: Beauty/Vanity

Years ago my wife declared allegiance to L’Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse Eau de Parfum.

My mother liked it, so I started getting it for her.

Recently I went to Barney’s, where I always shop for L’Artisan, and bought a bottle for my mother at $166 (with tax: $178) and another for my wife. (See for yourself: $166 at Barney’s.)

On a whim, I checked Amazon. All L’Artisan Perfumes — not just Tuberose — are $65 on Amazon.

I returned the gifts to Barneys, replaced them at Amazon.

I feel smart. You can too.

To buy L’Artisan Tuberose at Amazon for $65 — do poke around Amazon for other L’Artisan fragrances — click here.]