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NEST Scented Reed Diffusers

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: May 16, 2016
Category: Home

I wrote glowingly about Diptyque candles, and you would have thought I was endorsing Trump for President and pushing Palin for Veep.

“Diptyque costs $62,” one of you wrote. “Have you tried the Archipelago Havana candle? It’s a subtle blend of bergamot, Cuban tobacco leaf, and ylang-ylang. Refreshing. And not widely known, so you get points for originality. And may I add: $23.”

I thought I’d wait a few months and write about bergamot, Cuban tobacco leaf, and ylang-ylang.

Then the diffuser lovers wrote in.

“The NEST sticks last longer than candles — 90 days,” one of you wrote. “I discovered them because my expensive NYC dentist uses them. They cover odors, but they’re never overt. And may I add: $42.”

Naturally, there’s a creation myth.

Okay, I surrender.

Under instruction, I bought the NEST bamboo diffuser. Is it like being in a Burmese rain forest? I have no idea. I can say it’s a lot better than those industrial-perfume cardboard pine trees that used to hang on the rear view mirror of gypsy cabs. That is, the sticks smell…natural. And, yes, subtle. [To buy a NEST bamboo diffuser from Amazon, click here.]

There are many other flavors.


Lemongrass and ginger

Cedar leaf and lavender

Birchwood pine

Moroccan amber

And, surely, there’s some other way to beautify the environment that, even now, one of you will tell me about. Come ahead.