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simplehuman kitchenware

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Dec 17, 2016
Category: Home

This company makes what it describes as “tools for efficient living.” And that’s no lie. The degree of thought that has gone into these household products is astounding — each product has been distilled to its essence.

The napkin holder. It’s heavy; it won’t slide when you reach for a paper napkin. You want one napkin? That’s what you get. Don’t want to have to rearrange the stack after you take a napkin? Well, with this napkin holder, you don’t have to. Oh, but it’s stainless steel — it will collect your fingerprints. No, it won’t. These people use a stainless steel that doesn’t smudge. [To buy it from Amazon, click here.]

The paper towel holder. Our last one had a bulb that screwed into the pole. In a few months, we’d stripped the threads. A decade of wobble followed. That will never happen to this one. [To buy it from Amazon, click here.]

The dish rack. Really, what possible improvement could simplehuman have discovered? How about a drain that can work from either side? A drain pan that doesn’t collect water? Handles? [To buy it from Amazon, click here.]

22 oz. Push Pump Clear Soap Dispenser
It always baffles me to walk into a pristine kitchen, with everything so neat you’re tempted to conclude that someone has OCD, and then, by the sink, there’s a tall plastic bottle of detergent, like the owner is paid to do an Ajax commercial. This indestructible dispenser is short and attractive. And the detergent, whatever the color, won’t clash with your décor. [To buy it from Amazon, click here.]

Trash cans. Here is where simplehuman enters the Household Hall of Fame. Our old trash can had a lid and a foot pedal. They usually worked together, but not always. The top didn’t always close. And it was round; it ate space. The simplehuman trash cans are as attractive as they are functional. We bought a slimline stainless steel can with an open top. [To buy it from Amazon, click here.] We might have bought one with a plastic lid — and a foot pedal guaranteed to open 150,000 times. [To buy it from Amazon, click here.

Pet Food storage can. Bowser can’t get into this one. It’s airtight, the better to keep food fresh. And the scoop is built into the top. [To buy it from Amazon, click here.]

The adjustable shower caddy. This one worried me; I feared I might have to help install it, which is so not me. But the instructions ask you to do just three things — a piece of cake for my wife. And the caddy is hugely useful. You can adjust the height of the shelves — and, in one snap, secure them. You can store shampoo bottles upside down. And there are holders for toothbrushes and razors. What didn’t they think of? [To buy it from Amazon, click here.]

I’m sure you can pay more and get fancier. Can you get better? Good luck with that.