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TaoTronics Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Nov 01, 2016
Category: Home

A pristine desk was a longtime dream for me. An unattainable dream, it seemed, for no matter how big my desk, it was invariably strewn with paper and dotted with piles of books. I looked at photos of executive offices — here’s Anna Wintour’s desk — and I despaired. How do they do it?

I’ve just taken a great stride toward pristine order with a new desk lamp.

The footprint is small. The design is sleek. It looks chic and expensive.

It costs $19.99.

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp has a one-touch, 3-level dimmer and an I’m-leaving-the-room “escape timer” that turns the light off after an hour. The bulb is estimated to last 40,000 hours. The arm is adjustable. It uses 75% less electricity than an old-fashioned lamp. It folds for easy transport. It’s no heavier than a small bag of feathers. If the 5-star Amazon reviewers and I have missed something, I have no idea what it could be. [To buy the TaoTronics 3-level desk lamp from Amazon for $19.99 — $19.99!!! — click here.]

Feel funny spending so little for a lamp this good? You can spend more. TaoTronics makes a souped-up model. It has 4 lighting modes and a 5-level dimmer — and a charging port in the base for your phone or tablet. For all this, you pay $26.99. A splurge? Oh, go for it. [To buy the TaoTronics 5-level desk lamp from Amazon, click here.]

The design delights. The small footprint thrills. My desk is proud to host it. What matters most: the high quality of the light. It’s just possible this cheaper than cheap lamp is a revenue creator.