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Ten Videos: Because Looking May Trump Reading

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Aug 17, 2010
Category: Beyond Classification

If a picture is worth l,000 words, what are videos worth?

Once I learned how to embed them in my pieces…..a lot.
A video is not just sherbet between courses, a palate cleanser when you’ve had enough of me.
It’s what Jean-Luc Godard called film — “truth 24 times a second” — only faster.
It’s the way you push the critic’s voice aside, see for yourself, decide for yourself.
As an experiment, skip my finely-tuned prose and just look at the videos. Then, if you like, see if your opinion is anything like mine.
Ten favorites. You’ll see why.
The Comic 
My first thought after watching this clip for the 50th time: I miss him. 

The Poet/Memoirist
Book videos could be the most unimaginative of them all. Not this. 
The Spiritual Leader
Realism, humor, perspective, hope — she touches every base. 

The Style Seer
“I’m looking for the suggestion of a shadow never seen before,” she said. Even here. 

The Saint
A funny, heartfelt talk becomes bittersweet when you know his story. 
The Shit-Stirrer
You never see TV like this any more. 

The Disco Philosopher
Mighty real. 

As you’ve never seen him before. 

The Old Pro
It’s ragged, in and out of tune. But it’s happening right in front of you, and when they’re in synch ….oops, I was going to shut up, wasn’t I? 

The Compelling Actor
Those cheekbones!