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Timex Easy Reader Watch

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Feb 29, 2012
Category: Gifts and Gadgets

If you are Old, you know the greatness of the watch “that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

James Fallows — if you don’t know him, he’s in the pantheon of journalism — feels much the same way about his new Timex. It’s dramatically cheaper than my watch, but it’s not the purchase price that appeals to him, it’s the value it delivers.

Listen to Fallows praise his Timex:

It’s known by its big black numbers, its faux silvery case, its red second-hand, and its elegant brown pleather strap. I love this watch because it’s easy to read in the day; because it lights up (gently) at night if you push the stem button; and because I can buy backups in bulk, so that I never have to worry if I lose a watch or leave it in the car or in the pocket of my other coat or on my desk. I have an inventory of three or four in various places and reorder when the stock runs low.

And he’s no voice in the wilderness. In a list of “Best watches for Spring,”  Esquire rates the Timex #1: “It works just as well from the workday to the weekend. Not to mention the simple retro face looks cooler than some watches that cost six times as much.”

The Easy Reader Timex for men, with a 10-year battery, costs about $23 at Amazon. [To buy it, click here.] 

The women’s model has a bit more style. But not too much. [To buy it from Amazon, click here.]

Not good enough for you? There’s a lovely Tissot you might like…. for just $300.