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PUR 2-stage Water Filter/Dispenser

By Jesse Kornbluth
Published: Jul 23, 2015
Category: Home

You really can’t drink the water.

In December of 2009, The New York Times dropped a water bomb on Americans: Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy. “The 35-year-old federal law regulating tap water is so out of date,” the paper reported, “that the water Americans drink can pose what scientists say are serious health risks — and still be legal.”

Why? Because the Safe Drinking Water Act only regulates 91 contaminants — and there are 60,000 chemicals in use today. Even small amounts of those contaminants may lead to cancer and other diseases. But since 2000, that list of chemicals to be regulated has held steady at 91.

Worse News: The Times reports that saving our water and sewer systems would be “costly.” Thousands of water and sewer systems, we learn, “may be too old to function properly.” And does anyone seriously think clean water is any politician’s first priority?

The first solution: As in so many things, take matters into your own hands — purify your own drinking water. Repeat: purify. A process. A process a lot more useful than buying bottled water.

The gifted Reiki master — and mistress of purity — Pamela Miles urged us to buy the Multipure. I’ve looked at the Multipure CBVOCSC Countertop Water Filter. It seems to be a quality device. And easy to maintain — you just need to change the filter every 750 gallons. But it is a device, and $400. To buy the Multipure CBVOCSC Countertop Water Filter from Amazon, click here.]

Of the containers that you store in your refrigerator, the most popular brand is Brita. [To buy the Brita filter/dispenser, click here.]

I prefer the PUR filter/dispenser. Not only does the PUR filter out more impurities, it’s cheaper — 20 cents a gallon of water to 25 cents with a Brita. [To buy the PUR 2-Stage Dispenser from Amazon, click here. To buy a 3-pack of PUR Water Pitcher Filters from Amazon, click here. ]

Why not bottled water?

Because we — you and you and you and, also, this writer — drink, on average, 167 bottles of water a year. Because those bottles take 1,000 years to degrade. Because 80% of the bottles we discard — even the 20% of bottles dropped in recycling bins — end up as litter. Because bottled water burns oil; it takes 1.5 million barrel to manufacture a year’s supply of bottles for American consumers. And, irony of ironies, bottled water wastes water: It takes 3 liters of water to package a liter of bottled water.

So… which water filter are you going to buy?